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Skip or grab hire? You decide

So, at the end of that building or landscaping project, how are you planning to shift all that waste material? If you are considering booking a skip, just think twice before reaching for the phone. While hiring a skip is one way to get rid of waste material, it’s not the only way, and in […]

Add value and protect your home

Asphalt driveway

The DIY market continues to grow, with reports suggesting that lockdown saw a rise in the number of peoople carrying out home improvements, not least, I suspect, because hardware superstores were one of the few retail outlets allowed to open. Increased spending on home decoration and improvement projects highlights how much value we place on improving […]

Be wary of bargains…

We all like a bargain, but sometimes the need to save money can cost us dearly in the long run. From cheap market stall clothing that shrinks to toddler size on its first wash to the ‘bargain’ second hand car that gives up the ghost on the second outing, the thrill of picking up a […]

We don’t bottle the ‘green’ issues

While the world’s natural resources are dwindling, stocks of recyclable material continue to grow, providing new opportunities for the boffins to put ‘waste’ products to good use. One of those innovative new products is EcoSand, a useful base course for block and concrete paving projects that makes good use of old glass bottles while at […]

Is your garden ‘summer ready’?

With the weather promising to turn at least a tiny bit warmer over the bank holiday weekend, it’s time to take a long hard look at your outside living space and ask yourself an important question: “Is it ready for the summer?” We all love to invite friends around for a barbecue (while following our […]