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Be wary of bargains…

We all like a bargain, but sometimes the need to save money can cost us dearly in the long run.

From cheap market stall clothing that shrinks to toddler size on its first wash to the ‘bargain’ second hand car that gives up the ghost on the second outing, the thrill of picking up a great deal rarely lasts very long.

And the old adage that “you get what you pay for” is as true when it comes to paths, driveways and patios as it is when buying anything else.

If you want your new tarmac drive (or road, car park or pavement) to stay looking like a new tarmac drive for more than a week or two, getting the job done properly is a must – and that means getting a professional team to do a professional job.

It also means using the right materials – in this case hot tarmac or asphalt, a durable, waterproof, hard-wearing and long-term product that will enhance the value of your home and stay looking good for many years.

The alternative – the cheap market jumper of the tarmac world – is to use cold lay material of the kind you can buy yourself from the local DIY store. Yes, it’s cheaper than getting the job done properly, but so, in theory, was the old banger that’s now on its way to the scrap yard.

To be fair, cold mix tarmac can be useful for filling the odd crack or hole in a small area of otherwise sound material, but it should be considered a temporary fix only. For a repair that’s designed to last – or that smart new drive you’ve always promised yourself, bringing in a professional firm with a proper paver using hot tarmac is the only option.

And it’s not just the temperature of the mix at the point of lay that differs; hot mix tarmac is an altogether superior material. It’s a combination of approximately 95% stone, sand, or gravel bound together by asphalt cement, whereas cold lay is a combination of mineral aggregate and emulsified or cutback asphalt and other additives.

The tarmac paver, specialist kit that is designed to deliver the best possible finish, will produce a smooth, long-lasting and durable surface that won’t crack or distort, even under the weight of larger vehicles.

With the right material and the right laying equipment in place, the final piece in the jigsaw is the operator, and by using Butlers roofing you can be confident that you have got that right, too.

Do the job once and do it properly, with Butlers roofing.

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