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We don’t bottle the ‘green’ issues

While the world’s natural resources are dwindling, stocks of recyclable material continue to grow, providing new opportunities for the boffins to put ‘waste’ products to good use.

One of those innovative new products is EcoSand, a useful base course for block and concrete paving projects that makes good use of old glass bottles while at the same time protecting a natural resource.

EcoSand is made from crushed glass that has been recycled via local authority bottle banks and can be used instead of natural sand that has to be extracted from the sea or river beds and is a finite resource.

As an environmentally conscious contractor with a class-leading approach to ‘green’ issues, Butlers roofing only uses EcoSand when laying block paving or concrete slabs.

After being recycled by consumers, the glass is crushed, graded to size and washed to produce a clean product that is tested to the appropriate British Standard for laying concrete paving blocks and clay pavers.

The product performs just as well as naturally occurring sand, and because it is manufactured it is more consistent than some extracted aggregates, which makes it a great product as well as one that protects the environment and puts recyclable material to good use.

Our concern for the environment and determination to look after our planet is just one more reason to talk to Butlers roofing about your block paved or concrete patio, drive or path.

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