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Skip or grab hire? You decide

So, at the end of that building or landscaping project, how are you planning to shift all that waste material? If you are considering booking a skip, just think twice before reaching for the phone.

While hiring a skip is one way to get rid of waste material, it’s not the only way, and in many cases using a grab hire service could be a much better option.

Grab hire trucks can get rid of a much larger volume of waste, they don’t need a permit and they can save hours of back-breaking labour pushing wheelbarrow loads of muck or debris up a wobbly plank.

Before booking a skip for your waste clearance job, you will need to ask your local council for permission so that they can check it won’t block the road or cause any disruption. They will almost certainly charge you for the privilege – and they might say no.

Grab hire trucks, on the other hand, don’t need permits because they only turn up when you need them and they usually disappear half an hour later. A fully qualified operator will swing into action (literally), pick up the waste using the hydraulic arm and grab, load it on the truck and leave.

Using a skip, of course, is a different proposition entirely. The hire company will drop off the skip, assuming you have got the permit you need, and then leave you to fill it, using a shovel or a wheelbarrow.

Then you need to wait for the hire company to return to collect the skip. It takes much more effort and lots of time that you could be spending on more worthwhile activities.

As well as being much easier and quicker to fill than a skip, grab hire trucks can hold a lot more waste – usually three times as much. When you find you need a second skip – or even a third – you will wish you had opted for the grab hire truck that shifted all the neighbour’s waste the same day.

It’s worth remembering that a grab hire truck can deliver as well as remove – so if you want paving slabs delivered and the waste material removed, a grab hire truck can do both jobs on one trip. A skip is unable to do this.

A grab hire truck is also more manoeuvrable than skip (actually, most things are more manoeuvrable than a skip). Once the skip is dropped off, you really won’t want to try moving it. A grab hire lorry, on the other hand, can be moved easily, while its hydraulic arm can reach over fences and generally get to places other waste removal options can’t reach.

While some smaller domestic projects, carried out over several weeks, are better suited to a skip – as long as you can get a permit – for larger projects, particularly on a commercial scale, a grab hire service is simply the more efficient and time-sensitive option.

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