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Roofing Repair

From a single damaged tile to a full-scale roof repair, Butlers roofing & Roofing can tackle any roofing challenge and has a longstanding track record of reliability coupled with outstanding customer service.

New Roofs & Reroofs

From providing an entire new roof as part of a new-build scheme to renovating or replacing an old and tired roof with a high quality new structure, Butlers roofing & Roofing is the name you need.

Emergency Roofing

When water is coming through your storm-damaged or leaking roof, you need help – and you need it now. Call Butlers roofing & Roofing.

Flat Roofing

Flat roofing is a cost-effective way to finish an extension to your commercial building or home, but without any pitch to the roof, it has to be carefully installed by professionals to ensure a quality, leak-free job.

Pitched Roofing

A pitched roof adds style to your home, is designed to shed rain water quickly and effectively and allows for better insulation.

Rubber Roofing

Mainly used for commercial or industrial buildings or garden sheds, rubber roofing is suitable for flat or low-pitched roofs and offers a weathertight and durable finish.

Felt Roofing

When you need a heavy duty, low-cost surface for a flat roof, talk to Butlers roofing & Roofing about our felt roofing option, which delivers a long-lasting, quality finish that’s hard to beat.

Metal Roofing

As a reliable and inexpensive roofing option for garages, sheds and commercial and agricultural buildings, metal is well worth considering – and Butlers roofing & Roofing has the expert knowledge needed for a first-class metal roof installation.

Chimney Work

Chimneys perform a vital function in taking smoke and other gasses out of your house and ensuring your fire or stove works efficiently and safely. Butlers roofing & Roofing has the expert knowledge to keep your chimney in good working order and your family safe and warm.

Skylight Windows

A great option for sloping roofs and loft conversions, skylight windows are an attractive, space saving way of getting more light into your home. Butlers roofing & Roofing specialises in a prompt and efficient installation, replacement or repair service for all shapes and styles.

Lead Work & Flashing

Keeping leadwork and flashing in good condition plays a vital role keeping your home weatherproof. This link between your roof and the chimney or brickwork it sits alongside is important in keeping the rain out and protecting the building’s structure.

Cladding, Fascias & Soffits

Fascias and soffits do an important job in covering up roofing rafters and providing an anchor point for your home’s rainwater system, but they can be neglected. It can be a case of “out of sight, out of mind” – but it shouldn’t be. Cladding, meanwhile, can provide additional insulation and weather resistance for your home.

Guttering Systems

Your home’s gutters and downpipes are an essential part of making sure rainwater is drained quickly and effectively from the building. It’s not something you can neglect without risking potentially serious water damage to your home.


Whatever kind of roofing you specify for your property, it needs to be properly ventilated. Butlers roofing & Roofing provides installation, maintenance and repair services for all kinds of ventilation systems.

Asbestos Removal

Asbestos, a mineral once used in building materials for fireproofing and for insulating floors, ceilings, and walls, is now banned because of the serious long-term health risks it poses. Butlers roofing & Roofing is licensed to remove it quickly, safely and effectively.