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Asbestos Removal

Asbestos, a mineral once used in building materials for fireproofing and for insulating floors, ceilings, and walls, is now banned because of the serious long-term health risks it poses. Butlers Roofing is licensed to remove it quickly, safely, and effectively.

Asbestos poses serious long-term threats to health and is no longer used in building materials. Removing it safely is an expert job and one that can only be carried out by licensed operators that are legally required to dispose of the waste material safely.

Butlers Roofing expert team is fully licensed to deal with this dangerous material, removing it safely and disposing of it in a fully compliant way. We follow stringent health and safety guidelines.

Because asbestos is sometimes found unexpectedly and can delay renovation work on an old building, we know that time is of the essence and offer a swift and responsive service in such cases.


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