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Roof of wooden house with snow in winter day

How to make sure your roof is ready for winter

As winter season nears, roofers are busy making repairs, maintaining or replacing roofs. It’s only natural that winter will put heavy demands on your roofing system. Old shingles can become brittle during a severe cold snap and even fall off. In particular, if moisture is present, the ice dams and roof crack could become more severe as time goes on. In the event that a roof is not maintained properly, there can be pooling of water, ice dams, and roof leaks.

How to make sure your roof is ready for winter

Additionally, high winds can damage roofing shingles. During the winter weather, loose or missing shingles create issues that are hard to solve. You should account for them when planning your roofing project. In light of this, it is significant to ensure that your roof can sustain the weather. This can, however, feel overwhelming to homeowners in some cases, particularly if they are unfamiliar with their roofing system. Listed below are a few tips to help you this winter with roof inspection.

Keeping Gutters Clean

You must clean and repair your gutters before you can prepare your roof. Clogged or damaged gutters can’t cope with inclement weather, so snow and ice build up on your roof valleys. You may experience leaks, shingles that are cracked, mould, and other problems. Getting leaks and cracks fixed before winter is equally important as checking for leaks. 

Leaf-cleaning should be done using a sturdy ladder and some gloves when your trees start shedding leaves. Before doing this, take the appropriate precautions. This job can be made considerably easier and faster with a leaf blower.  A professional service could also handle it for you.

Remove leaves and sticks from your gutters, then clean them out with a hose nozzle. Once your gutter has been thoroughly cleaned, make sure that leaves or other debris are removed from surrounding down spouts to keep water flowing and to prevent ice build-up. 

Become familiar with the machinery

Gutter guards and snow guards are good investments for keeping your gutters clean. In other words, gutter guards serve as simple screens that are installed on top of gutters to prevent them from becoming clogged in the first place. Snow guards are a type of tab that is installed on sloped roofs to catch snow when it falls and prevent it from falling off the roof.

The purpose of snow guards is to prevent the falling of large amounts of precipitation all at once, which could result in slipping and falling or damage to property. This way, the snow and ice can slowly melt and drain down the gutter.

Natural icicles hanging on the pipe
How to make sure your roof is ready for winter

Take a look at the loft

Besides looking for Christmas items or jumpers in your loft, you should make sure it’s ready for cold weather by checking its condition. It is important to insulate your roof to prevent moisture and heat from escaping into the loft, which can lead to problems such as ice dams. It’s essential to make sure that inadequate insulation doesn’t block vents or soffits. Make sure there are no leaks in the loft roof. Water leaks can cause mould growth inside your home and on your roof if left unattended. It is very necessary to have evenly distributed insulation throughout.

How long has it been since you had your roof inspected? Ideally, you need to check your roof regularly for issues and understand its true condition so that you can prevent costly repairs down the road. While it’s difficult to inspect your roof from the ground, and you may not even know what signs to look out for on your system if you manage to climb up on your roof.

Have your roof inspected by a professional

A winter roof pattern

Some roof problems are not obvious and require the expertise of a trained roofer in order to be resolved. Roof cracks, for instance, are the result of some of these structural issues. Before winter arrives, inspect your roof thoroughly.

You have to protect your home from snow and ice by fixing small leaks and weak points on the roof. However minor the issue may seem, it could eventually become a serious issue, such as rotting wood, mould growth, etc. It is still advisable that you contact your local professional roofer for assistance, even if you think you can fix this on your own.

Here is a quick checklist of things to consider:

Preventative maintenance is a good way to keep the roof functional and the budget stable. Ideally, prevent expensive repairs and replacements from happening in the first place. Gutter maintenance is a must.
Every fall and spring, do a walkover assessment to identify and repair structural damage. Ensure that all debris like pine needles and leaves have been swept away. roof cleaning is very necessary after these seasons.

The roof needs to be maintained, even if it is new. Your roof will last longer if you implement a preventative maintenance plan immediately. During such harsh weather, it is crucial to be careful.

Further, some manufacturers may extend the warranty for up to 10 years with regularly check of the roofing system.
The most common errors facility managers make are neglecting a roof and relying on regular maintenance personnel to maintain it. Professional roofing company is able to spot complex issues at an early stage.

The smallest of problems can grow into a big problem. Unattended, minor roof leak could also cause rot and other damages, requiring replacement eventually. If these small concerns are caught quickly, larger, more costly issues can be avoided.

Enjoy the holiday season by getting your roofs ready for the winter weather. Get your roof inspected from Butlers roofing and roofing to ensure you are not risking damage to your home.

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