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What is the tarmacking process?

Asphalt concrete is made up of mineral aggregate bound with asphalt and is used to surface roads, car parks, playgrounds and other areas where a long-lasting surface is needed. We use different combinations of aggregate and binder depending on the project, which could be a driveway repair or a new road.

In busy urban areas, housing estates and car parks, Butlers Roofing and Roofing uses close-graded asphalt concrete, while in playgrounds and on footpaths, a more open finish is used to allow surface water to drain. Whatever the finish required, we work closely with the client to ensure the best possible quality of workmanship and attention to detail.

Repairing potholes is a four-stage process. After identifying the failed areas of roadway, the Butlers Roofing and Roofing team will cut out the damaged asphalt and excavate the areas back to the aggregate sub-base.

New tarmac will then be used to fill the hole to an average depth of three inches before the edges are sealed to the surrounding surface with asphalt emulsion by our experienced workforce.

Our expert repair teams can use cold patching as a temporary fix, but for long-lasting pothole repair, Butlers Roofing and Roofing uses hot asphalt, which is the only successful long-term solution. The company has a range of hot boxes of different capacities to offer cost-effective patching and repairs.

Butlers Roofing and Roofing uses all its own equipment and its own workforce for pothole repairs and patching, giving it control over budget, timeframe and quality.


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