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Bonnet Roof

Bonnet roof often has a peak with a sharp slope and a base with a gentle slope. They are very flexible in terms of both their design and their function and are best suited for flat and low-sloped buildings and can cover almost any shape or form of the building.

Box Gable Roof

Box gable roof includes a common style of slope front having two sloping sides that form a ridge and triangular extension on both sides. These roofs have a stable design to deal with rain and snow and are most suitable for areas with cold weather conditions.

Butteryfly Roof

Also known as inverted pitch roof can be found on many modern homes and businesses as it is one of the most energy-efficient styles of roof available, and also looks great! It has a long life expectancy, is easy to maintain, and requires little to no repair.

Clerestory Roof

A clerestory roof allows the building to be much lighter and cheaper than one with a flat roof. The clerestory roof heats the room considerably in the winter months with the natural light that is allowed through the sections of the roof on either side of the vertical wall.

Combination Roof

A combination roof is a combination of different types of roofs. It has a unique and interesting look with a combination of the clerestory, hip roof, or other styles, and is most often used as architectural accents on one-story homes and are sometimes found on two-story homes as well.

Cross Gabled Roof

Cross gable roof incorporates multiple gable roof elevations intersecting at a certain angle. These are suitable for buildings with a complex layout such as houses with an attached garage, storage tanks, silos, and other similar buildings that have a large flat area that can be covered with a gable roof.

Cross Hipped Roof

A cross hipped roof is a very strong roof type, with perpendicular hip sections that help to transfer the load from one side of the roof to the other that increases the longevity of the roof. This roofing style makes for a great option for complex buildings and is resistant to extreme weather conditions.

Curved Roof

A curved roof is made of metal roofing material that is durable and lasts for decades if treated properly. They come in an almost unlimited variety of shapes and styles. The roof dramatically enhances the aesthetics of the house and makes it look extremely modern.

Dome Roof

Dome roofs are a great choice for new constructions as they provide much better insulation than a flat roof. This makes them a very economical choice when you are trying to reduce your energy consumption. They are complex yet durable and adds to the aesthetics of the building.


Dormers are most often found on traditional Victorian, and Georgian-style homes, although they are also used on modern homes. They are an excellent choice for a remodeling project. Dormers are relatively inexpensive and can be added to almost any home with an extended window in the roof.

Dutch Gable Roof

The Dutch gable roofs are flat on the sides with a gentle slope down to the eave. They are most often used as secondary or cover roofs, but can also be primary if they have an attractive design. They are a combination of gable and hip roofs with a unique and durable design.

Flat Roof

Flat roofs are often used in commercial buildings, warehouses, and garages to expand outdoor useable space. The flat roofs are cost-effective, resistant to weather conditions, durable, and effortless in maintenance. They make for a beautiful roof-top garden space.

Front Gable

Front gable roofs come with a number of advantages over the more traditional sloping asphalt shingle roof. It allows for a smaller footprint which makes the building more energy-efficient and sheds water very effectively. These designs are popular amongst modern buildings.

Gable Roof with Shed Roof Addition

A Gable roof with an additional shed roof is a common alteration made to the standard gable roof. It provides more space beyond the apex of the original roofline by an amount equal to the width of the side extension without additional alterations.

Gambrel Roof

Gambrel roofs are commonly shaped as a symmetrical dual-sided roof with each side equal to half the total length of the roof having a shallow upper section and the design increases space within the building and is mostly suitable for outhouses and barns.

Half Hipped Roof

The half-hipped roof has become very popular in the last few years because of its versatility and ability to blend in with most house styles. It is an energy-efficient choice and is a very easy-to-install roof and homes are built with metal or vinyl siding.

Hexagonal Gazebo Roof

Hexagonal Gazebo roofing design makes for an outstanding garden. The six identical roof panels and supporting rafters create an almost seamless appearance from the ground up. Garden gazebos are often added as an attractive accent to a home or business' existing landscaping.

Hip and Valley Roof

Hip-and-valley roofs are very popular and are typically found on low-pitched one-story houses, although they can be found on two-stories as well. The roof requires fewer materials than a gable roof of equal size enabling a much sturdier house with hip and valley roofing as opposed to gable roofing.

Jerkinhead Roof

Jerkinhead roofs make it much easier to do an inside-out roofing job. Instead of starting at the top of the house roof and working the way down, it can be simply installed and worked the way from the bottom up. The design with clipped gable ends is stable and reduces damage to the roof.

Mansard Roof

Mansard roofs are used by architects as a relatively simple way to create an aesthetically pleasing shape that maximises the amount of usable space within the structure. Mansard roofs are often used on industrial or warehouse-type buildings, churches, town halls, and private residences.

M-Shaped Roof

An M-shaped roof is a two-sided gable roof with two sloped sides that join at the centre with corresponding slopes on both sides. This unique M-shaped metal roof stands out from the crowd and is very common on older homes and buildings, barns, and outbuildings.

Open Gable Roof

Open gable roof looks best on older homes. The impression of more space and a lighter feeling to the home. Open gable roofs also allow in much-needed light which can be good for a home's value. The gable roofs have a larger loft space and look similar to a box gable roof.

Parapet Roof

A parapet roof is used as an extension of the roof on which the building rests. A parapet roof might be added to the outside of the building at approximately ground level so it can be extended up to four or five feet past the edge and gives access to the top without having to be on the actual roof itself.

Pyramid Hip Roof

A pyramid hip roof is indistinguishable from that of a hipped rooftop, yet the dividers are square fit rather than a rectangle that makes the shape of the structure's roof incline to form a pyramid at the top. It provides incredible protection against hail, and areas prone to tropical storms.

Saltbox Roof

The saltbox roof is identical to a gabled roof. However, one side of the roof is much longer than the other side. These roofs are often seen in traditional colonial-style houses, industrial buildings, and garages with a durable and stable roofing style.

Shed Roof or Skillion

The skillion is very versatile which can be used in either warm or cold climates and for either residential or commercial purposes. These shed roofs are often seen on garages, workshops, and other out-buildings. They are easy to install and cost-effective.

Simple Hip Roof

The simple hip roof is slightly pitched lower than the one below it. This creates an attractive visual effect as the different sections overlap and interlock on the peak of the roof. Simple hip roofs are the most common types that are easy to build and are energy efficient.

Skillion and Lean to Roof

A lean-to roof is identical to a skillion roof mainly including one angled pitch. The lean-to roof is supported at one end by a wall elevated higher than the other which forms a steeper angle of the roof allowing rainwater to run off easily.

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